Asset Management

LCMS offers institutions the ability to implement customised, highly-complex, dynamic systematic strategies. These strategies are typically run in segregated portfolios that can also be used as the basis for securitised products such as strategy ETFs or Certificates. We do not offer discretionary strategies, as our sole focus is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by employing transparent systematic strategies in liquid, exchange-listed instruments. Our niche is to develop strategies with our customers that deliver desired risk / reward profiles through application of sophisticated technology and analytics combined with rigorous non-discretionary risk and position management. We specialise in combining delta one and derivatives products to provide superior payoff profiles.
We also advise our customers on the selection and evaluation of external managers. Our first rate product and strategy know-how, combined with our long-established contacts in the markets, help us effectively evaluate managers and strategies. We also provide training and ongoing consulting services which enable our customers to independently manage even the most complex of their investments efficiently and successfully.