Fund Incubation

If you are interested in starting a fund and your strategy is quantitative and systematic, then LCMS can assist you in setting up your fund successfully while minimising costs and time spent. Rather than spending large parts of your budget to build sophisticated technical infrastructure and legal frameworks before you can even start, we can provide everything needed to run even the most sophisticated strategies without the cost and time delay that you would incur if you would build everything yourself. Strategies can be tested and run for the necessary periods to build sufficient audited track records without the need to establish a complex and expensive fund structure from the start. Furthermore, we can help you evaluate and improve your strategy and can help you get your track record audited, so that you are able to raise funds from institutions. Finally, we can help you set up a sophisticated fund structure at minimal cost and introduce it to investors. Further on, we?can help you manage capacity constraints and eventually build your own state of the art infrastructure. By dramatically reducing the time and expense it takes to establish a fund, our clients can focus on their business rather than on administrative tasks.

LCMS also offers capital introduction and other support services to quantitatively and technologically sophisticated funds looking to partner with someone who understands their business from the core and can help them reach their goals more quickly than they could on their own.