• LCMS is now offering courses and bespoke training under its own brand. The courses and training will focus on practical issues facing the investment community and will be taught by in-house and external top rated experts. See Online Booking for details.
  • LCMS is offering cutting edge customised services in the areas of Asset Management, Execution Services and Consulting.
  • LCMS provides best in class algorithmic execution services, featuring custom built execution strategies. Ask us for details.
  • LCMS’ experts are sought-after speakers at several major global financial market events.
  • LCMS offers a large range of market neutral strategies with substantial expected returns. Ask us for detail.


Cutting edge execution strategies

LCMS offers customised execution strategies for sell and buy side firms, built on our extensive first hand experience in the markets. LCMS strategies ensure optimal execution and minimal information leakage in any market environment. We cover all major electronic markets and are specialists for Emerging Markets. Don't trade like everyone else  

Market neutral investment strategies

LCMS is a leading provider of market neutral strategies using state of the art analytics and technology. LCMS has over 20 years experience in taking advantage of market inefficiencies and the use of advanced technology to find opportunities where others fail. Find out how you can profit    

  Arbitrage strategies

LCMS has completed implementation of custom arbitrage strategies for an international proprietary trading firm,  generating significant profits. We are specialists for all delta 1 and derivatives strategies and have hands on experience in every asset class

Fund incubation

LCMS has extensive experience in helping early stage funds and proprietary trading firms to get going and grow. You need cutting edge infrastructure, administrative and IT support as well as capital? You have market neutral, systematic strategies that can be automated and you can contribute some capital yourself? Talk to us